A pleasant living and working environment include outdoor spaces with different functions. Either it is the way to the entrance of an office or home or a place or to recreate the wind climate must be such that it is acceptable for that specific activity. Of course we can not alter the wind itself, but the local wind climate in the pedestrian zones is influenced strongly by buildings. Especially with high rise and dense city areas the wind velocity can be increased but of course as well decreased by certain elements. In the masterplan we can look at building volumes and vegetation in a smart way so we can shelter places where recreative activities are planned or the path towards the entrance. In such a way we can create a pleasant living area. The simulation is normally performed for at least 12 wind direction. The results in combination with historical climate data can indicate the risk of wind hindrance and wind danger based on the occurrence per year.

Wind pressure on constructions

Another subject wind engineering is required for is the wind pressure on constructions. The CFD simulation calculates the static and dynamic pressure on a construction or part of a construction. Such a study provides more detailed information than standard calculation methods enabling the designer to mare accurately design the construction. We as well offer the analyses of flow induced sound from constructions.

Practical solutions

Besides the research services we offer we as well offer practical solutions in collaboration with our partner Windsafe. We have standard solutions and custom solutions. Together we can improve the windclimate close to the entrance of your builiding or create areas with less wind for recreational functions.

windsafe gevellamel
windsafe gevellamel CFD


Thanks to our extensive experience, we can quickly prepare the 3D models and set up CFD calculation.

3D windhinder CFD model

Short run times

With our HPC cluster (128 cores), the simulations are performed in a short time frame. This makes CFD simulations a design tool.

HPC cluster

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