Indoor climate and comfort

A healthy and fresh indoor climate creates a well environment to live and work in. One of the factors important to create this is the indoor climate. CFD simulation provide insight in the performance of a system even before the development is being build. This enables designers to create a system to meet the intended indoor climate conditions. When doing such simulations in a early stage of the design it is easy to tweak the system design such that an optimum performance can be met. But of course also in a later stage the simulation are good to be used for evaluation and optimization of the design.

This kind of studies often are performed for cleanrooms, operation rooms, special rooms, halls, hotel lobbies, airport terminals, or in fact for every space that where the climate is essential for occupants or processes it houses.

CFD simulations provide in depth insight in airflow, temperature, humidity distribution but as well the spread of pollutants like particulate matter or gasses.

With our dedicated HPC cluster which we use to do these simulations this advanced technique can very well being used as a design tool in each stage of the project. It enables us to rapidly evaluate different alternatives and quantify the effect on the performance. The results are always presented such that they are easy to evaluate by all involved parties.

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