Datacenters are special and complex objects. There are high demands to efficiently establish the cooling which is so important to control the temperature in the dataroom. The temperature in the dataroom is on its turn important for the working of the serves in the racks. The cooling system has to be fail safe to guarantee that the working of the servers. The thermal load from the servers fluctuate strongly over time.

We do simulations to assess of the cooling system efficient by calculating the short circuit between the cooling towers on the roof. When short circuiting between the outlet and inlet of the cooling towers occur the efficiency of the system is negatively affected. In good agreement we can develop the layout such that the risk of short circuiting is minimal and the performance optimal.

Also, we do investigate the distribution of cooled air within the dataroom. It is of important that the cooled air reaches all racks.

Therefore, the airflow below the raised floor as this affects the distribution of flow over the different floor grilles. The flow in the cold and hot isles are simulated as well as these could recirculate and create hot spots.

With our dedicated HPC cluster which we use to do these simulations this advanced technique can very well being used as a design tool in each stage of the project. It enables us to rapidly evaluate different alternatives and quantify the effect on the performance. The results are always presented such that they are easy to evaluate by all involved parties.

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