Together we create next generation solutions developed and evaluated by advanced computer simulations


When a building or construction does not comply to the building regulations or when building regulations demand the performance to be evaluated CFD simulations are often to be used to proof the performance. CFD simulations visualizes the way a system works and if it meets the required performance. It enables the designer to understand the system and how to (if required) optimize the design to meet the set criteria. 



A pleasant living and working environment include outdoor spaces with different functions. Either it is the way to the entrance of an office or home or a place or to recreate the wind climate must be such that it is acceptable for that specific activity. Of course we can not alter the wind itself, but the local wind climate in the pedestrian zones is influenced strongly by buildings. 


Indoor climate & comfort

A healthy and fresh indoor climate creates a well environment to live and work in. One of the factors important to create this is the indoor climate. CFD simulation provide insight in the performance of a system even before the development is being build. This enables designers to create a system to meet the intended indoor climate conditions. 


SimStudio investigates with the use of advanced computer simulations the performance of designs and offers optimization support. Together we look for new innovative and creative ‘out of the box’ possibilities to get to a suitable solution. To do so we make use of the 18 years’ experience we have in the use of Computational fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Crowd simulations which we have successfully used for a large diversity of objectives and in more than 25 countries. Together we create new solutions!


In previous Over the years’ we have contributed to the design and development of multiple landmark projects like: UAE Pavilion Expo 2020, Stadiums WK Qatar 2020, Sa’adiyat Island Resort, Vasco da Gama mall, but also contributed to the design of many car parks and tunnel ventilation systems.


Sustainable and CO2 zero buildings can no longer being ignored in the current industry. To realise these kind of developments new and innovative concepts are being applied. The efficiency and performance of such systems are essential to the overall performance. With the use of CFD simulations we make the performance visible for multiple scenarios. With knowledge gained we can further optimize the concept and support its performance.


Datacenters are special and complex objects. There are high demands to efficiently establish the cooling which is so important to control the temperature in the dataroom. The temperature in the dataroom is on its turn important for the working of the serves in the racks. The cooling system has to be fail safe to guarantee that the working of the servers. The thermal load from the servers fluctuate strongly over time.


Years of experience


HPC Cores



HPC cluster

High Performance Computing

We have our own High Performance Computing Cluster to guarantee you with the shortest possible runtimes and highest possible accuracy. Our dedicated cluster is located in our server room in our office building. On the cluster we run ANSYS CFD software and FDS to do our CFD simulations.

The processors in the cluster are connected with an InfiniBand network to have the highest possible communication. To be able to use CFD as a design tool calculation speed is essential!

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