Fire Safety

When a building or construction does not comply to the building regulations or when building regulations demand the performance to be evaluated CFD simulations are often to be used to proof the performance. CFD simulations visualizes the way a system works and if it meets the required performance. It enables the designer to understand the system and how to (if required) optimize the design to meet the set criteria. Our core business is to carry out the simulations, but we will certainly give feedback based on our experience to support the design process and create a suitable solution.

CFD simulations are often to be used to evaluate the Fire Safety system for atriums, halls, event centres, penitentiary institutions, car parks, tunnels, corridors and stair cores. But of course we offer this service for any type of construction and objective.

In some cases, besides calculating the Available Safe Evacuation Time with CFD, we do calculate as well the Required Safe Evacuation Time with a Crowd model. In such case the Available Time should always be longer than the Required Time to Safely Evacuate.

With our dedicated HPC cluster which we use to do these simulations this advanced technique can very well being used as a design tool in each stage of the project. It enables us to rapidly evaluate different alternatives and quantify the effect on the performance. The results are always presented such that they are easy to evaluate by the approving body against the required performance criteria.

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